Mathare United celebrates Easter at Mogra Rescue Centre

As Christians all over the world celebrate the Easter Holidays, Mathare United was not left behind. The lads spent the afternoon of Good Friday with kids from Mogra Rescue Centre along Kiambu Road as part of their monthly community service.

Led by skipper George Owino, Mathare United  donated food stuff to the institution as they were taken around the facility which is home to more than 100 kids who have all been brought up there from as young as 10 months old. 

Inspiring stories

"It feels great to spend time with the little ones and learn about Mogra Rescue Centre. They have been doing a good job and it's amazing to see that they have successfully managed to raise small kids who had been abandoned by their parents into mature adults,

"There are some inspiring stories about Mogra's success and as a club we are proud to be associated with people who have made a positive impact in society," said Owino. 

On her part the founder of Mogra Rescue Centre Mrs Hannah Wairimu thanked the lads for their kind gesture adding that it will go a long way in rainsing the kids. However she challenged the team to organise soccer clinics for the children in future. 

Discover talents

"I am humbled by your visit because it shows that Mathare United is not all about football. It is important to spare some time for these chidlren and they feel loved whenver you do so. I hope you can find time to train them in future because that is how they can discover their talents," remarked Wairimu. 

We would like to wish our fans and friends Happy Easter holidays as the Mathare United fraternity.